Wednesday, January 2, 2019 - 11:00am

Congraduates to our '18 Graduates! (Dec 25, '18)

Yu-hsiang "Jeffery" Wang and Natalia Calixto-Mancipe have both successfully defended their Master thesises and graduated. We wish them the best of luck! Natalia is continuing work on as Ph.D canidate student with another profressors and department here at the UofM and Jeffery is seeking private employment as he finishes research here on his ethylene absorbor electro-chemical sensor. 

BBE 1001 Demo (Oct 4, '18)

Demo of self-clearning coating

We successfully demostrated our self-cleaning coating technology to new BBE students and had them do both qualitative demo and quantiative enzyme assays on the coatings. 

Ben Frigo with BBE 1001 students

Spring Cleaning (Feb, 5 '18)

Lab Cleaning of Spring of '18

Alot is happening this year with the lab, wraping up and publication of three lines of scientific/engineering inquiry:

  1. Effect of Hydrophobin Coatings on the Adhesion of B Cinera
  2. Carbonized Cellulose and Carbon Nanotube Based Sensor for Volatile Organic Compounds
  3. Multi-Enzyme Antibacterial Coating