Yu-Hsiang Wang

Graduated with Masters in Dec, 2018

Yu-Hsiang was working in biosensing applications of carbonized cellulosic fibers with branching out CNTs (CC-CNT). By its highly selective adsorption of gas mixtures, he is developing a minimized-portable biosensor that is capable for onsite monitoring. Graduate with Masters and publication pending.


R&D engineer in renewable energy and chemical engineering field, M.S. degree in chemical engineering and B.S. degree in biochemical engineering


University of Minnesota, College of Science and Engineering, Minneapolis, MN
Master of Science in Microbial Engineering
Research focuses on developing CVD processes to generate nanocarbon materials from cellulose fibers for chemical processing and biosensing applications

National Taipei University of Technology, College of Engineering, Taipei, Taiwa
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Studied organic synthesis, organic light-emitting diode, and catalytic converter


Formosa Plastics Group, Nan-Ya Printed Circuit Board Corporation, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Senior Research & Development Engineer

Tatung Technologies Incorporated, Fuel Cell Development Department, Taipei, Taiwan
Fuel Cell System Engineer

Contact information: [email protected]   

Yu-Hsiang Wang